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Analog, issue 1 (maybe)

Analog Issue 1

Analog is a short 6 page comic hand drawn using ink on paper by me. I wanted a short story designed to subvert expectations and tell a short self-contained story efficiently without dialogue.

All pages have been hand drawn by me using pencil, ink and brush pen. A small run of 50 copies was self published by me in December 2023. I very quickly ran out of copies which I was distributing purely on a face to face basis, so printed a second run. Issue 2 is currently in development.

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Analog Issue 1

Hello, I'm Bren!

I'm a Creative Problem solver. I design and build websites, and draw comic books. I recently self-published my first comic Analog. I've been drawing all my life, and recently made the decision that I wanted to tell stories.

Professionally I've been solving complex problems for large and small businesses for nearly 15 years. A lifelong learner with an open mind, I'm used to working with on premise and remote teams to collaborate on solutions to difficult problems.

Say Hi!

If you want a copy of Analog or have any questions then please get in touch. I'm currently not available for commissions or freelance work, as I have a full schedule.