Why I built the solo art curiculum page

I've been receiving a bit of hate from an anonymous email address (IP is logged at a University in California) for stealing RadioRunners Solo Art Curriculum and monetising it. I've since removed the Amazon links, although I didn't make any money from these links and Amazon deactivated them a long time ago becuase I wasn't getting enough traffic. A lot of the resources I linked to have been pirated, and I've found a lot of people in art communities on Discord are circulating pirated links. I really don't judge though, art is hard and art resources can be very expensive.

I grew up before the internet was in general public use, and I've been a big advocate of Open Source, Creative Commons, and Remix Culture, which is where I think internet Piracy grew out of. I created the Art Curriculum page out of respect for RadioRunners work, but also mainly for myself as I find webpages so much easier to navigate than a flat JPEG file. I published it online only because I thought other people might find it useful, and I was surprised at the amount of traffic it was receiving from across the world. I really didn't expect it to be found so easily and become so popular, and I genuinely hope that people have found RadioRunners work as helpful as I have.

I've always made great pains to make sure this work is attributed to RadioRunner, the original author, in the spirit of Creative Commons and sharing information in a more accessible form on the internet. I very much put a credit to RadioRunner at the top of the page and at the bottom in the footer too, and I've never claimed to have authored this work. I just wanted to make it a bit more accessible for myself and potentially others.

Adding affiliate Amazon links was, I admit, an error in judgement. I did this as an experiment to see if I could learn something for another idea I had. I was also unemployed at the time. I really didn't mean any disrespect to the original author or the art community, and I apologise if I have caused any. As it happens this experiment failed big time. I didn't make a single cent / penny, and Amazon deactivated the links. I left them where they were out of lazyness but also in case anyone found them useful. I shouldn't have posted them in the first place. I'm sorry.

I wanted to apologise for any disrespect or hurt I've caused. I've adjusted this page in response to the (very aggressive) feedback I've received, and I admit I made a mistake. Hopefully this comes close to rectifying it. If RadioRunner wants me to take this page down, then please just ask and I'll take it down and use it privately. Likewise if anyone has any other feedback, I'm very happy to listen. Please let me know, and please be nice and include a real email address so I can ask for more detail if I need to. I promise to be nice and do what I can to make things right.

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves to be held accountable for thier actions. Everyone also deserves a little bit of respect and being nice will create the open dialogue we so desperately need in these divisive times.

Huge respect and thanks to RadioRunner for putting this information together in the first place and sharing it with the wider community. You are a legend.

Big thanks to the anonymous person who called me out and sent me feedback. It wasn't a nice email, but I appreciate you taking the time and I hear you. I hope this rectifies the situation but please let me know it it doesn't.

Peace and love, - Bren